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Men's Health Society, Denmark is a multidisciplinary organisation dedicated to the field of men's health in all it's aspects. Men's Health Society, Denmark is a member of 'European Men's Health Forum' (EMHF) and 'Global Action of Men's Health' (GAMH). 


Men's Health Week 2018
The theme is: 'Men's health in everyday life and politics'


Men's Health Week 2017
The theme was: 'Men, fatherhood, and health and wellbeing'

Single men pay a steep price on their health

New research from Men's Healt Forum, Denmark
- read HERE



Men's Health Week 2016
The theme was: 'Men, relationships and wellbeing'


On October 28th 2015 Danish Men's Health Society and European Men's Health Forum held a very succesfull Round Table Discussion on MEN’S HEALTH AND PRIMARY CARE: IMPROVING ACCESS AND OUTCOMES. EUROPEAN ROUNDTABLE EVENTS, DENMARK.

Read the report HERE. See list of participants HERE



Men's Health Week 2015
The theme is: 'Young MEN's HEALTH AND WELLBEING'
see description here

Global Action on Men's Health 

  See the launch press release here          

Men's Health Week 2014 

  See the opening programme here          



Meet EU's Health Commissioner Tonio Borg and join us in asking him: "What will EU do to better men's health in Europe?"

Read the Invitation CLICK and the Agenda CLICK 

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